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Dancer & Choreographer

September 2019

Lost Feathers - choreographer & dancer, Solo Performance, 26.-29.09.2019 Dock 11 Berlin

October 2018

Infidelity - A love Story - (2) - dancer & performer, 11-14.10.2018, Dock 11, Berlin, director & choreographer Tomer Zirkilevich

August 2018

A horse, the strawberries and I - choreographer & dancer, Solo Performance, 2.8.2018, Beit Mazia, Jerusalem

June 2018

Almost Falling - an ongoing project, with 2 musicians and Tomer Zirkilevich, First Performance: Potsdam Tanztage, 1.6.2018.

Today as well - solo, creative dancer, choreo. Amit Zamir. Intimadance Festival, Tmuna Theatre, Tel-Aviv, June 2018.

February 2017

Infidelity - A love Story - dancer & performer, 9-12 Feb. Dock 11, Berlin, director & choreographer Tomer Zirkilevich.

December 2016

From now to nowcreative dancer, Choreo. Yael Turgeman, Jerusalem Academy, MA

July 2015

What does it Men?...creative dancercommissioned for "Intimadance Festival", Tmuna Theatre, Tel Aviv

since July 2013

Auf Wiedersehn - creative dancer, Solo, premiered in Bytom, Poland and performed in Israel and Germany.

March 2008

TSAMA choreographer & dancer, Duet with a Percussionist, Touring south of Germany

September - December 2008

Paarsamkeit - dancer; theatre piece, director: Nada Kokotovic

August 2008

Psalm choreography, commissioned by the Jewish Community Munich

June 2008

White man sleeps - choreography, duet for dance seniors “Hochschule für Musik”, Cologne, dance department

September 2007 - March 2009

TSAMA - choreographer & dancer, Duet with a Percussionist, Cologne,

February 2007

Silent Moveschoreography for the "Rheinische Musikschule”, Cologne; music: John Cage

November 2005

Das Eismeer - choreography for the „Rheinische Musikschule”, Cologne

Januar 2004

Thirst - solo-dance-performance, choreographer & dancerimprovisation evening with live music

March 2002

Georgia Actress & dancer, Video dance Film

October - December 2001

Le Coeur vole´ - media dance theatre project; dancer; director: Stephanie Thiersch, Cologne, Dortmund, Essen

October 2001

Forgotten Landchoreography for the „Hochschule für Musik“, Cologne, dance department

September 2001

A Sense Of Common Ground - solo-dance-performance, choreographer & dancer, Cologne

May 2001

Zugvögel choreography for the „Rheinische Musikschule”, Cologne

December 2000

Kölner Portraitschoreography for composers Collaborating with choreographers, dance piece: “Fragments

November 2000

Le Coeur Volé - film-project, winner of the "German Video Dance Prize 2000/2001", actressdirector: Stephanie Thiersch

October 2000

Trakltanz - dancer, improvisation piece, director: Leopold von Verschuer, Cologne

April - July 2000

Tanzpalast - dancer & actress; director: Nada Kokotovic, “Stadttheater Konstanz”

1999 - 2001

ba - ab - choreography & dancer; director: Stephanie Thiersch

1999 - 2001

Julie dancer, choreography & director: Nada Kokotovic, Cologne

October 1999

No Time, No Placedancer, solo improvisation project, "reBoot", Cologne / Rotterdam

May 1999

Te Deum - music: A. Dvorak, choreography for the „Rheinische Musikschule”, Cologne

August 1997

Vexations - solo, choreographer & dancer, music: E. Satie; directed by: Amos Hetz


Ein Tag, eine Frau, ein Mann...dancer, Choreodrama: Nada Kokotovic, Cologne and Berlin


Hamlet - dance-theatre, choreographer & dancer, director: Tom Peifer, Mainz

1996 - 1998

Für diese Dame - dancer, choreography: Vera Sander; Cologne

1995 - 1996

"Foreign Body", "Between The Lines", dancer; choreographer: Nancy Seitz-McIntyre, "Desperate Figures Dance Theatre";    Mainzer Kammerspiele,

September 1994

Suche dancer & choreographer, with Steffen Scheibner, Mannheim

Aber ich hab's dochdancer, choreographer: Ralph Frey, Mannheim

July 1994

Moods - choreographer & dancer, dance evening, Mannheim

1994 - 1995

Heimat des Kranichs - solo, dancer, choreographer: Elfriede Vogt Speyer, Mannheim

June 1993

Artists against violencedancer & choreographerChoreography: Mauricio Weinrot and Michal Hirsch, Ludwigshafen

1985 - 1988

Bat Dor dance Company - Israel; Performing in choreography’s from:

Alvin Ailey, Robert Cohan, Choo San Goh, Lar Lubovitch, Igal Perry, Paul Taylor, Hans van Manen, Mauricio Weinrot

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