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Dancer, choreographer, teacher for Contemporary dance, Improvisation and Composition.

Studied dance at the Bat-Dor studios in Tel-Aviv.

BA and teachers’ certificate from the Dance Academy in Jerusalem.

Dancer in the Bat-Dor Company, and rehearsal director, 1985-1991.

Worked and lived in Germany (Mannheim, Cologne),


Working as a Contemporary dance,

Improvisation teacher and rehearsal director in the Academy for Music and Dance Cologne.

Teaching in dance companies (Bonn Stadt-Theatre).

As a dancer and actress, freelancing in Mainz, Cologne, and dancer in 2 dance films, filmed in Paris.

Creating works for students and Solos

(‘Ten-Salam’, ‘A sense of common ground’, ‘Thirst’- duet with a percussionist)

Performing and guesting in Konstanz Stadt-Theatre, in Germany, Yugoslavia, Israel.

I performed my own work and performed for different directors and choreographers.

Since 2009, based in Tel-Aviv,

working as a Contemporary teacher in the Arts college of Seminar Ha’kibutzim, and teaching dance students, teacher courses and actor students as well as rehearsal director.

As a dancer, choreographer, dancing in various projects, such as: Solo- Auf-Wiedersehn, choreo. Tomer Zirkelevich, performing in Poland, Tel-Aviv and Berlin. Duet-What does it Men… choreo. Olivia Court-Mesa, festival Intimadance, Tmuna, Tel-Aviv, 2015.

Solo- From now to now, choreo. Yael Turgeman, Jerusalem, 2016. Infidelity, a love story, choreo. Tomer Zirkelevich (dancer with 6 other dancers) Berlin, 2017, and will be reworked on and performed again in Berlin, Oct. 2018.An ongoing project:  Almost Falling- Improvisation performance with Tomer Zirkelevich and 2 musicians, Potsdam Tanztage- 1/6/2018. Solo- Today as well, choreo. Amit Zamir, festival Intimadance, Tmuna, Tel-Aviv, 2018. Solo (choreo. +dancer) A horse, the strawberries and I, festival in Beit Mazia, Jerusalem- 2/8/2018.

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